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When Should I Replace My Roof?

Maintaining your home’s structural integrity is important for the safety of you, your family and your resale value when preparing to sell your home. Routine roof repairs and maintenance is key to continue to protect your roof and preventing harsh, costly repairs or replacements. Franco Roofing is here to help. Here are the 3 indicators that it’s time for roof repairs and maintenance:

Roof Leak Aged, weakened materials and storm damage can cause visible leaks causing water to seep in through your roof’s shingles. Leaks can be patched and/or repaired by a roofing contractor. However, more often than not, if a leak is presented and seeping into the home, the site of damage may require more than a patch. Smaller leaks tend go undetected and do not cause as much damage to the homeowner.

After the roof leak has been remedied, if there are multiple roof leaks throughout the year impacting different parts of the roof, it may be time for a roof replacement. It is key to call a roofing professional to inspect the roof and provide a professional opinion.

Damaged, Missing or Mossy Shingles Roof damage can be identified by the ground and a few frequent forms of visible shingle damages are:

  • damaged shingles

  • missing shingles

  • loose shingles

  • visible damage or discoloration around vents

  • algae or moss growth

These are visible signs of roof damage, and are a key indicator that it may be time for a roof replacement. It is important to call a roofing professional to schedule an inspection to help identify the root cause of the damage and a professional solution.

Storm Damage A leading cause of roof repairs, maintenance and replacements is storm damage. Heavy storms including tornadoes, rain storms, ice storms, hail and derecho storms can cause shingles to rip off completely from a roof, lift shingles or cracked shingles. If a rainstorm follows, moisture can seep into the roof and cause a roof leak and tremendous water damage.

If your home is located in a tornado or hurricane zone, it is important to act fast after a storm has hit the area. The damage can continue to worsen, the longer a homeowner waits.

Looking for Roof Replacement, Repairs or Maintenance options? Call Franco Roofing today! Franco Roofing has over 20 years of experience with roof replacements, repairs and maintenances and offers FREE inspections and estimates. Schedule yours today!

The Proof is in the Roof.

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